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When you hear the word elevate, do you think expensive and time-consuming upgrades that take time, effort, and unnecessary funds to complete? We believe you can elevate your home with a few easy and quick additions or swaps that will transform your space… and are perfect as we head into spring!

Follow along with this weekly blog series for tips and tricks to get creative and add style. This week is dedicated to adding style by adding décor details to your home. Adding details and style touches to your home is a great way to bring your space to life! Here are some ways to up your style through details.

Blanket Ladders

If your home is anything like ours, you have a ton of blankets scattered about. A chic blanket ladder offers a creative and eye-catching way to style your blankets. Simply drape your most used or favorite blankets over your ladder and you’ve got extra storage that doubles as décor!

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a great way to add depth and life to your home! Consider purchasing a set of different size, shape and even colored frames to display family photos on a large wall in your house. Because of the growing popularity for gallery walls, you can purchase sets of frames in various styles that make it easy for you to have a vision for what your gallery wall will look like! For an inexpensive gallery wall set, check out Target, and for a more upscale look, Pottery Barn has tons of options.

Wood Beaded Chandelier

This is a statement trend that has blown up across the internet, and we see why! Beaded wooden chandeliers have a relaxed and elegant feel – that’s a difficult but essential pairing. The layers of cascading beads have such a graceful look, but the natural wood keeps it fresh and easy to incorporate into any setting. This piece can be paired with plants and funky patterned rugs for a more bohemian vibe, or added to gold accents and sleek, neutral-toned furniture for a modern-farmhouse look. We’ve seen these in multiple stores and have even seen “DIY” tutorials if you’re daring enough to try!

Stay tuned!

Follow along for the next few weeks as we share some other ways you can elevate your Destination space and be sure to tag us in your social media photos with how you style your home!

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