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Plants and greenery

When you hear the word elevate, do you think expensive and time-consuming upgrades that take time, effort, and unnecessary funds to complete? We believe you can elevate your home with a few easy and quick additions or swaps that will transform your space… and are a perfect way to incorporate some summertime vibes inside!

Follow along with this weekly blog series for tips and tricks to get creative and add style. This week is dedicated to adding style with plants. If you love a neutral color palate like us but find that this can often lead to a boring and uninspiring space, then greenery is your new best friend. Here are some ways to up your style through all things plants and greenery.


Eucalyptus leaves have gained popularity for everything from wedding bouquets to bathroom accents. By draping fresh eucalyptus leaves over your shower head, you up your style game and create your own personal spa. The steam from your shower helps to release the natural oils from the eucalyptus, creating an aromatic shower experience. This trick adds visual appeal and smells delicious! Pro tip: Trader Joe’s sells bundles of this greenery for $3.99 all year round, making this the most affordable way to elevate your bathroom.

Palm Leaves

To perfectly compliment your coastal style Destination home, we love to see all things Palm plants in our clients home. Palm plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are perfect for indoor or outdoor spaces. We especially love a mid-sized palm, such as the Cat Palm tree in a funky vase in your sunroom. This creates a seamless transition from your indoor to outdoor spaces.

Dried Pampas

Pampas Grass is among the trendiest ways to incorporate plants into your home décor. This soft and fluffy grass typically comes in oatmeal or off-white colors that perfectly compliment any color scheme you feature in your home. This grass can be as small as a few inches (perfect for a mason jar on a bar cart) or a few feet long (great for a tall ceramic planter beside your mantle). We recommend shopping Etsy to find the specific type of Pampas that will fit your space best!

Stay tuned!

Follow along for the next few weeks as we share some other ways you can elevate your Destination space and be sure to tag us in your social media photos with how you style your home!

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